For thousands of years massage has been offered as a therapy to combat pain, anxiety, stress, muscle tension, digestive disorders and headaches. A healing touch can be magical if done with love. Technique is also needed to cultivate a balance between the physical and the energetical body. Massage Therapy is an immensely simple yet powerful method of healing. It can remove blockages and restore the flow of energy in and around the body. During the treatment I use specific hand movements that correspond to the physical body, its organs and the seven chakras [energy centers]. These centers are concentrated energy, that vibrate over specific areas of the body. Massage Therapy gently balances the chakras and the energy field that surrounds the body as well as soothing physical and emotional complaints. I use particular essential oils, each one has its own chemical component that has sustained life of the plant. The beneficial effects of these components for the human body can be among others sedative, stimulating, pain relieving and hormone balancing. The essential oils address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of those who need care. It emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual and the importance of the treatment to meet each persons need. When you smell and enjoy the aroma of the essential oil being used tiny chemical messages go to the brain to uplift the mind and spirit. The oils are also absorbed into the bloodstream by passing through the sweat glands and hair follicles.


Aromatherapy – 60 min

Massage Therapy – 90 mins

Maternity Massage – 60 mins

Neck- Back-Shoulders -45 mins

Baby Massage -5 week 60 min once a week course


Improves circulation | Stimulates lymphatical system | Promotes relaxation | Reduces stress hormones | Reduces muscle tension | Increases joint mobility and flexibility | Improves skin tone | Improves recovery of soft tissue | Helps lower blood pressure | Improves posture | Helps strengthen the bodys immune system