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Florendia Lambrou is a British born Greek Cypriot. She grew up in London and did her studies in Cyprus,Greece,UK and the USA. In 1989 she moved to Cyprus and since then has been working as a Fitness Proffessional in popular gyms and spas. She teaches Yoga, Pilates and Fitness classes. She is also a massage therapiest and baby massage instructor. In 2006 she created Body Wisdom Studio. A beautiful space where she teaches classes, workshops and retreats. In 2019 she became an author, wrote her first book ‘ Yoga Pose Recipe’ and in 2022 wrote her second book ‘Pilates Mat Recipe’ both books contain 33 years of teaching experience which are put in such a simplified way for anyone wanting to improve their well-being. She is working on her third book and she plans to create more books in helping people change their lives for the better.


Yoga Pose Recipe will teach you what Yoga means and how it can change your life. It will help you build a connection with yourself, your body, mind and breath. It will teach you breath techniques that will help you relax and detox your system. This book is an amazing introduction to yoga asana and spiritual practice, helping you gain a new perspective towards life, which will help you create a new life. The yoga practices will help build self-confidence, strength and flexibility. They will help you balance your blood pressure , cholesterol and blood sugar, sleep disorders and increase your libido. It is a perfect book for beginners and intermediate practitioners.


We all know that Pilates is an amazing way to workout. This book contains simple, safe and effective full-body workouts to do at home. You will learn about the history of the Pilates system and how it all began. The importance of establishing a system foundation, how you can creat an exercise space, what to wear and tips on how you can stay motivated with your Pilates workout. The complete conditioning routines will strengthen your upper body, improve your posture, tone your core. They will tone your glutes and legs.This book includes challenging, strengthening and flexibility exercises that are fun and are intended to be enjoyed to the maximum.